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Triump Over Addiction

Mother Recounts How Her Son Overcame His Heroin Addiction

January 28, 2022 — Arabelle Publishing’s newest release Counting Spoons written by Kathryn Inman, is a story about drug addiction, heartache, and triumph. In her debut book, Kathryn shares the harrowing story of her son’s addiction to heroin and how that led her family to Christ. God not only healed her son Justin’s condition, but He brought a restoration to both Kathryn and Justin that they didn’t know they needed.

But that didn’t mean their journey was at all easy. In fact, when Kathryn discovered Justin’s addiction, she thought it would be the very end.

“Justin and I were always very close,” she said. “So that made it particularly hard when he was in his addiction. I felt like I hated him. I loved this child so much, but I hated the addiction. It really strained things between us.”

Her son refused to give up drugs—so Kathryn kicked him out of the house. At that point, she was at a complete loss. Overwhelmed by anger, fear, and shame, she called out to a God she did not know, and He answered.

When she found God, He worked in her life in ways she never knew were possible. And, through His grace, He brought her family back together. But her story wasn’t without a struggle as she almost lost her son.

According to Addiction Center, about 2.1 million Americans have an opioid addiction, and there are about 130 deaths from opioid overdose a day. Close to 0.3 percent of Americans are addicted to heroin, and there are over 130,000 new heroin users each year.

Kathryn understands the pain of watching a loved one suffer an addiction. That’s why she advises to never walk this path alone. And more importantly, she believes in the power of prayer because she knows God can heal any hurt.

“There’s a saying ‘once an addict, always an addict’—I don’t like that saying because there is no hope in it,” Kathryn says. “There is freedom that can be found in Christ. Jesus can break the chains of addiction. We mustn’t ever give up; there is ALWAYS hope”

Kathryn’s memoir, Counting Spoons, details the painful and honest story of how one family overcame addiction. It’s a story of hope as God delivered them from the deepest depths of darkness—and brought them to the Light of His redemption.

About the Author

Kathryn worked as an operations director for a nonprofit for over thirty years. She is now semi-retired and works as a consultant and coach for community-based organizations. She is also an advocate for families affected by addiction. She is happily married to her husband, Darwin, and they’re very proud of their three children and two grandchildren. Find out more about Kathryn at

About the Publisher

Arabelle Publishing is a traditional publisher with a heart of a boutique publishing house. They specialize in faith-based books—Bible studies, Devotionals and Journals, Christian Living, and Non-Fiction. With a mission to inspire, impact, and instruct their readers and point people to Jesus, they are dedicated to glorifying God by celebrating life through stories that reveal His grace and love. Find more information on Arabelle Publishing at or on Instagram at @arabellepublishing.

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