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Remembering Hurricane Laura Survivors & Victims

Andrea P. Bourgeois knows how to turn pain into purpose, an inspiring message from her book, “Anchor My Soul.”

July 14, 2022 - Women going through difficulties in life can now find inspiration and solace from a book set to inspire, heal, and draw them closer to God. Christian author Andrea P. Bourgeois celebrates the anniversary of her book, Anchor My Soul, published by Arabelle Publishing, which gives her readers 25 stories of women struggling through the storms of life. These women were part of the Pain into Purpose Summit, which celebrated pain as a blessing in disguise and often the way God leads us to our purpose. Each story emphasizes God’s faithfulness, illustrating how He abides and engulfs His children with love and mercy, even during the most challenging times.

Andrea has a passion for helping inspire women to tell their stories. “I love helping others discover God’s faithfulness in studying scripture and learning how to have a tangible relationship with Him.”

Andrea, a survivor of Hurricane Laura in 2020, dedicates the book to Moss Bluff, Lake Charles, and Southeast Louisiana residents and business owners who survived the hurricane. She shares behind-the-scenes stories of resilient people enduring the storm.

Andrea says her mission is to help women find purpose in pain. She inspires them to trust God in all they do and encourages them to remain hopeful even as they face difficulties. “I hope people who experienced Laura will find a purpose in life and inspire others to walk through difficult situations, trusting that God will remain faithful.”


Andrea P. Bourgeois is a graduate with a Master of Arts degree in Education. She loves teaching women and young adults and encourages them to study God’s word, helping them discover God’s faithfulness, and develop a tangible relationship with Him. Andrea is dedicated to teaching awareness and coping skills for grief, depression, anxiety, and suicide prevention. She has a passion for helping inspire women to tell their own stories and assist them in turning their pain into purpose.

Watch for Andrea’s upcoming Podcast, Holy Restored, offering coping skills and Jesus.


Arabelle Publishing is a boutique publisher specializing in faith-based books—Bible studies, Devotionals and Journals, Christian Living, and Non-Fiction. With a mission to inspire, impact, and instruct their readers and point people to Jesus, they are dedicated to glorifying God by celebrating life through stories that reveal His grace and love. To learn more about Arabelle Publishing and other published works, visit or Instagram at @arabellepublishing.

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