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Arabelle Publishing Announces The Pending Publication Of A New Anthology Featuring 30 Authors



The devotional book Shepherd on Duty: Promises of God You Can Trust includes comforting scripture references that highlight the promises of God and is expected to be released later this summer.

Chesterfield, Virginia, July 10, 2022: Arabelle Publishing, the Virginia-based traditional publisher renowned in the industry for publishing quality Christian books that inspire, impact, and instruct the world for Christ - is excited to announce its latest book, Shepherd on Duty: Promises of God You Can Trust.

When an increasing number of Americans are encountering struggle and uncertainty in their personal and professional lives, Shepherd on Duty aims to provide comfort and support through scripture references highlighting God's promises. The book, in partnership with 30 authors throughout the United States, combines a vibrant collection of viewpoints that will ensure the work becomes a leading Bible promise book. A portion of the book sales is planned for charitable purposes.

"Shepherd on Duty: Promises of God You Can Trust is an exemplar of hope in paper form," says Diana LeGere, Creative Director at Arabelle Publishing. "Across our country, people are struggling today with the after-effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, economic uncertainty, and rising fear about the future. That's why we wanted to develop a take-along book to help Americans meet and overcome their deepest fears."

She added, "When Shepherd on Duty is released in the coming weeks, we know its readers will find comfort and guidance in our trying times."

About Arabelle Publishing

Arabelle Publishing is a boutique publisher specializing in faith-based books—Bible studies, Devotionals and Journals, Christian Living, and Non-Fiction. With a mission to inspire, impact, and instruct their readers and point people to Jesus, they are dedicated to glorifying God by celebrating life through stories that reveal His grace and love. To learn more about Arabelle Publishing and its other published works, visit or on Instagram at @arabellepublishing.

They encourage Christian writers to connect for opportunities to contribute to similar anthologies.

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