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Author Encourages Readers to Examine the Ripples of Their Lives

By looking back to yesterday, we can do better today

It’s taken a long time, but author Diana LéGere has learned an important lesson – life isn’t about us. The longer she lives and reflects back on years gone by, the more she realizes it’s about how we relate to others. We are here to serve, and God has designed each of us in a unique way to relate to and serve others well…if we take the time to learn.

Her book Ripples: A Memoir of Reflection (Arabelle Publishing, January 2020), encourages readers to slow down, reflect on their life, and discover how they can learn from their past to better serve those around them now.

Explains Diana, “Time has taught me each life choice has a ripple effect on our lives and those we love. Sometimes, one ripple can last for decades. Those ripples can be a joy to remember, or they can sting like a bee.”

Diana takes a look back on the ripples of her own life to pull out nuggets of wisdom she has learned in retrospect. Some memories are humorous, and others are painful life lessons, but each one offers something to learn from. By sharing what she has learned and how, Diana empowers readers to take stock of their own life so they can better:

· discover their authentic self

· step outside their comfort zones

· trust God

· forgive others

· share their gifts and talents

· embrace God’s timing

· learn from past experiences

· seize new opportunities

Each chapter includes a memory and reflection from Diana, along with appropriate Scripture, prayers, reflection questions, and space for journaling.

“It’s important for people to think more about life, who they are, where they’ve been and where they’re heading,” adds Diana. “With Ripples, I want to offer readers an opportunity to step outside of their lives for a moment, to better reflect, pray, and journal their experiences. I hope it can help people think about themselves in a new way and get closer to God through prayer and reflection.”

Available for interviews, Diana can discuss the following themes from her book at length:

· Life is a journey and it’s never too late to change direction

· Everything happens to us for a reason and the way we respond to it impacts people around us, positive or negative – it’s our choice

· Reflection is healthy and important because we all need to learn from our past

· Every person and experience is here to teach us something

· Be yourself because people spend too much time trying to be someone else in order to please others

“A stone dropped into a lake spreads ripples across the entire surface,” says Diana. “Likewise, our actions seep into our circles of influence, often affecting others in ways unknown. Let the surrounding waves in your life be of joy and inspiration.”


DIANA LÉGERE is a Christian and writer whose passion is to share her faith and life experiences through her words, and help other women do the same.

As the founder of the women’s writing group, Women of Words, she works with first-time authors to provide editing, ghostwriting, and coaching services to help new authors get their words published.

She is the author of four books, including the cookbook Feeding Families Authentic Southern: History, Traditions & Stories, the memoir journal Ripples: A Memoir of Reflection, and the two upcoming books Celebrations of Praise: 365 Ways to Fill Each Day with Meaningful Moments and He Spoke: A Memoir of Grace.

A New York native, Diana now lives in Richmond, VA. A mother of three and a grandmother of two, she’s as happy on the road (five cross-country road trips and counting) as she is with a green tea on the couch binge-watching an entire season of The Mary Tyler Moore Show. In addition to her writing, she loves painting, music, photography and her little chihuahua, Pablo.

Learn more about Diana and Ripples at

Ripples is available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.


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