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Updated: May 1, 2022

Arabelle Author, Amy Debrucque releases Embolden. Read the full press release below.

Canastota Cancer Survivor Shares a Way to Navigate Life's Challenges

RICHMOND, VA, April 26, 2021―Arabelle Publishing announced their newest release, Embolden, written by Amy and Blair Debrucque. The full-color encouragement journal empowers women to work through their fears. As a cancer survivor, author, blogger, podcaster, wife, and mom, Amy wanted to lift women to become their most confident selves.

Relating cancer as a blessing, Amy Debrucque said it saved her life and gave her a new perspective. Knowing she could choose how she wanted to live, she trusted in God. Amy learned to surrender her fears, which gave her confidence and courage she can pass to others.

"Without cancer, I wouldn't have been able to tell my story," she said.

Amy found that her own insecurities were like those felt by her oldest daughter, Blair. After talking with Blair, she wished there had been a resource to guide them through those feelings of self-doubt.

Amy and Blair learned firsthand it's challenging to find a community to talk through insecurities. They wanted to create a journal for the girls who are not comfortable sharing their struggles with a group. Yet, one they could use as a resource to help them work through their confidence issues.

Inspired by the word "embolden," defined as "to give courage or confidence to do something or behave a certain way," Amy and Blair brought Embolden to life. They created an encouraging resource to bring confidence and courage to young women.

"Blair and I both are impassioned to reach that one person," Amy said. "That one young woman, or any woman who needs to read Embolden as a resource. Without the cancer diagnosis and surrendering all my fears—because it's a very humbling experience when you have cancer―I wouldn't have been able to do that. And I wouldn't have been able to encourage Blair to do that."

Amy's faith in God has given her the courage to be brave and take on challenges. Through her own and other women's experiences, she wishes to encourage women through heartache, grief and build them up with love and growth. She has been cancer-free for almost ten years.

The four-week journal explores the emotions behind fear, temptation, kindness, and growth. Young women embark on a journey of self-discovery that will restore spiritual, emotional, and physical well-being. Embolden (ISBN 978-1-7356328-2-7, Trade Paper, $24.00 from Arabelle Publishing is available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and through other online book retailers.

About the Author

Amy writes weekly newsletters of encouragement and shares stories from women all over the country. Her podcast, Life on Purpose, tells stories about women who work through their struggles and anxieties to give their lives to God. She created The Confidence Course, to show others how to make changes in life by taking brave steps. She lets women know that everything they are searching for is on the other side of fear. Amy has contributed to Darling,, YourTango,, Independent.or, and has been featured in ThriveGlobal. You can visit her online at

About the Publisher

Arabelle Publishing is a boutique publisher specializing in faith-based books—Bible studies, Devotionals and Journals, Christian Living, and Non-Fiction. With a mission to inspire, impact, and instruct their readers and point people to Jesus, they are dedicated to glorifying God by celebrating life through stories that reveal His grace and love. Find more information on Arabelle Publishing at or on Instagram at @arabellepublishing.


Amy Debrucque Embolden_May 2021
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