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Edmund Author Wins Oklahoma Writer's Federation 3rd Place Award for Published Non-Fiction

Updated: May 1, 2022

Arabelle Author, Yvonne M. Morgan received a book reward. Read the full press release below!

“Rest in God - A Prayer Journal with 100 Prayers and Scriptures for Daily Needs,” by Yvonne M. Morgan, offers readers inspiration during pandemic

RICHMOND, VA. — Yvonne M. Morgan’s collection of inspirational daily prayers, “Rest in God - A Prayer Journal with 100 Prayers and Scriptures for Daily Needs,” published by Arabelle Publishing, was recently awarded 3rd place by the Oklahoma Writer’s Federation in this year’s writers contest.

“Rest in God” is a pocket-sized collection of 100 prayers paired with actual scripture to provide comfort and soothing spiritual meditation. There are also blank pages for writing prayers, and tracking answered prayers.

Morgan wrote the prayer journal at the outset of the coronavirus pandemic in 2020 to bring peace back into daily life, despite the tumultuous events affecting millions of people worldwide.

“With so much turmoil and chaos in our world these days, I believe my book, Rest in God, will help readers to connect with God on a deeper level,” said Morgan. “The prayers and scriptures in my book offer us a healing balm for our weary souls. When we turn to God in prayer, He will lead us to the place of peace we all crave.”

The collection is a tool to help readers uphold their personal connections with God through intimate prayer moments and impactful scripture. Morgan used her decades of experience as a missionary and prayer warrior to create and research the book.

“Winning third place in this writing competition gave me a sense of great accomplishment,” Morgan said. “It was an honor to have my writing recognized by my fellow authors and writers. I pray this is the first of many.”

“Rest in God” took third place in the published non-fiction book category at the Oklahoma Writer’s Federation’s Annual 2021 Conference this month. Experts in the book industry who select winners for each category judge the annual competition.

Critters Annual Readers Poll also named rest in God the 2020 Best Non-Fiction Book of the Year.

“It thrilled us to hear about Yvonne’s award,” says Creative Director Diana LeGere. If we are to pray without ceasing, rest in God” will keep us on track. Readers will enjoy the compact size, making it a favorite to carry in a purse, leave in the glove box, or a desk drawer at work.

Yvonne M. Morgan is a writer, traveler, prayer warrior, and founder of The Orphan Relief Effort, which supports orphanages in Nepal and Myanmar. She was born in Northern Ireland and now lives in Edmund, Oklahoma. She is a member of the Oklahoma Writer’s Federation.

Arabelle Publishing is an independent publisher that specializes in faith-based non-fiction books.


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